Consulting Services

Parallel consulting group aligns your business to operational success.

We understand your business is driven forward by people, process and technology. At Parallel, our team of construction, completions & commissioning consultants use broad experience from the field to deliver and govern your project through any stage with peace of mind. 

Parallel strives to connect with your project and strategy to deliver synchronised solutions that meet the goals of your asset at the various project stages. With a commitment to quality and integrity, our consulting group provides innovative, practical results for your engineering, construction, service, and project needs.

On Your Side For Project Delivery

Constructability Reviews

Parallel can help assess the accuracy and completeness of construction plans and specifications for total effectiveness.

  • Data Validation & Verification
  • Design Reviews
  • Risk Identification & Mitigation Studies
  • Integration, Carry Over Work, Scope Transfers and Defect
    Management Strategies
Execution & Implementation Support

In the critical phase when designs become reality, Parallel consultants assist with reviews and strategies to execute your project objectives efficiently.

  • Planning & Implementation
  • Regulatory & Statutory Compliance
  • Integrity & Auditing
  • Critical Path Analysis
Maintenance and Operations

With our expertise in construction and completions, Parallel can also advise on your planned programs for maintenance and long-term operations.

  • Campaign & Shutdown Planning Strategies
  • Scheduling Reviews
  • Logic & Sequencing
Asset Performance Monitoring & Data Management

Working to help develop and meet your key project metrics, Parallel can assist with assessing the performance overview.

  • Project Deliverables
  • Identify Contributors to Delays & Develop Resolution Strategies
  • Effectiveness of Data Usage & Analytics

Our Parallel experts possess decades of engineering and construction experience. We apply this knowledge to the everyday challenges faced by project stakeholders, as a total service, combined or independent operator.

Specialist Departments

Parallel provides comprehensive construction completions consulting services with unique expertise in Hazardous Areas Management, Mechanical Joint Integrity, Auditing and Heavy Modular Construction. We work on some pretty interesting, diverse and at time highly risky projects, and are committed to running alongside your business and to solve your unique challenges.

Completions, Handover & Transition Phase Auditing
  • Completions processes and implementation
  • CPY or CTR representation
  • Claims & Disputes Preparation & Forensic Analysis
  • End to End Greenfield Project Handover Strategies – from FEED to Warranty
Heavy Modular Construction
  • Scope identification
  • Site Surveys, Inspections and Task compilation
  • Engineering Reviews

By utilizing Parallel as a trusted adviser, you not only benefit from our technical construction expertise, but also from our broad completions solutions with software and completions.